Limiting Slip and Fall Liability

Keeping floor safety at the forefront of your business model may not seem so very important in

the scope of things, however consider that one fall by an employee or guest could potentially run

into the Hundreds of Thousands dollars in Liability cost. Being floor safe need not be a worry if

you have a plan in place to ensure that your staff are focused on the correct process when

addressing potential hazards.

1. Issues are identified, quickly

2. Deploy Safety Signs, quickly

3. Insure the issue is addressed, quickly

The three Q’s as I call them, let’s break this down so that you can see the process.

1. Quickly, identify the hazard /issue, then communicate with staff.

2. Quickly deploy the proper sign /signs, (this should be done within 5 minutes).

3. Quickly insure that the area is secure and safe then properly cleaned up.

It’s really quite simple, whatever the method used, it is imperative that once the hazard is dealt
with to remove the signs, quickly.   

Research shows us that all too often the common yellow caution signs are ignored, one possible
reason may very well be that they have become too common, like the honking car alarm in the middle of the parking lot that no longer attracts any attention.

A new line of floor/caution signs are being utilized to address this very problem. The new A-frame style signs utilizes L.E.D. technology and have shown an increase in pedestrian visibility by as much as 400 percent. Large institutions such as UCLA have realized the benefits of the new signs, limiting liability and increasing safety.

Remember that the sole purpose of a caution sign is to communicate immediately and effectively an issue or situation, then it goes away immediately, it should never become a permeant fixture.

Being safe is a state of mind; the best way to achieve this state is to train your staff so that

any potential issues is dealt with quickly and effectively. Remember the three Q’s, a simple

system to take care of floor issues.

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See What the FSSA can do for you.

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