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FSSA signs Healthiestyou to provide health benefits to more than 14,000,000 association contacts

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Florida Sanitary Supply Association

How Telehealth and HealthiestYou are Saving FSSA  member Businesses

If you are a small business one of the following scenarios likely applies: you reduced benefits to your employees; you eliminated benefits altogether; you were forced to cut jobs in order to maintain current benefits. These are just a few of the choices being made across the country by small businesses as a result of restrictions and requirements of the new healthcare law. That’s the bad news. The good news is that technology and innovation are providing new options never before available. The formula is simple. Redirect costly claims by giving employers a low-cost telehealth option for over 70% of minor-medical conditions. According to the American Medical Association and others, these can easily be handled by doctors over the phone or via video consultations. HealthiestYou is currently running an average of over 40% in claims reductions.

HealthiestYou's rapid growth has been spurred by an increased demand from organizations that are implementing consumer-driven health plan models in order to reduce healthcare costs for employees while improving access to care.

Available to individuals and employers exclusively through thousands of experienced insurance partners and agencies, the HealthiestYou service redirects claims from expensive major medical health plans, saving money for employers and employees. Today the company has expanded its offerings, which now include connecting consumers to all their health options with an easy-to-use health technology platform available online and as a smartphone app. Members have access to more than 2,300 concierge doctors who are on call via telephone or email 24 x 7.

"Our rapid growth can be directly attributed to the fact that HealthiestYou uses consumer engagement to provide easy access and a simple way to understand healthcare choices that didn't exist before," said Jim Prendergast, CEO of HealthiestYou. "It solves a real problem for both employers who are trying to reverse the trend of increasing benefits spending and soaring healthcare premiums, and employees who want to avoid out-of-pocket costs and get better access to care. Plus, pricing transparency means our members can easily shop and compare prices for procedures and prescriptions, saving them even more money."

We always like to say that “this is not your grandfathers’ healthcare,” said Jim Coulson, President of Carolina Telehealth. “No matter our age, the only option we have ever had when sick was to call our doctor and make an appointment. Slowly newer choices like Urgent Care Centers appeared and healthcare got just a little easier. Telehealth is just the next step. The culture is changing and we all need to adapt.” “What was your first mobile phone like? Mine was bolted to the floorboard of my car with a power box in the trunk and an antennae on the roof. Now, we could run a small country with a smartphone. Does Telehealth really seem like that much of a stretch?” We have a network of 2,300 doctors who think not.

Every FSSA member and sponsor needs to explore how HealthiestYou can help their business. You owe it to yourself, your families and your employees.

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