1. Vacuuming carpeting with a cheap vacuum: The most important factor in the lifespan of a carpet is

how much dirt you keep out of it. Cheap vacuums not only leave more dirt in your carpet, they take longer to vacuum with and don't last as long. Carpeting is the second largest investment after furniture. The right vacuum will double its useable lifespan.

2.Buying cleaning chemicals based on color or smell. The color and smell have nothing to do with how well they work.

3.Buying 1-ply toilet paper because the roll has more sheets! On average, people will use 3x the amount of 1ply tp as compared to a 2-ply.

4.Hiring a janitorial contractor based on the lowest bidder. You hire a cleaning contractor to help maintain the appearance of your facility. Your current low bid contractor isn't giving you the quality of service you want? Don't expect to hire someone else at the same price and get better results.

5.Buying ready to use cleaning products. Most cleaning chemicals are 90% water!

6.Buying concentrated cleaning products and using the glug-glug measuring method.

7.Not using entry matting at your facility. Almost 90% of the dirt that your spending time and money to clean comes in on the shoes.

8.Not reading the cleaning chemical label instructions.

9.Trying to clean a carpet spot with whatever general purpose spot cleaner you have. Different types of may require different methods to remove. Using the wrong product can set the stain and make it permanent. If your not sure how to clean the stain, put a wet towel on it to keep it from drying until you can treat it properly.

10.Trying to save money on products and services without looking at what the true expense is...

      Remember: The bitterness of poor quality far outlasts the sweetness of low price.

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