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Removing Red Wine Stains from Marble
March 18, 2015 By Marble Kare Products

Have you ever noticed how a cat will gravitate towards the one person in the room that doesn’t like or is allergic to them? Red wine is the same way with light colored surfaces – bet you didn’t know grapes had such dark personalities.

You could just invoke a ban on those bad boys, but a more realistic solution is to enjoy the your company, and arm yourself with the necessary products and equipment to tackle those spills before, during and long after they happen.

Follow these tips on how to get red wine stains out of marble and help protect your investment.
How to get red wine stains out of marble and keep them out!
Plan Ahead and Apply A Marble Sealer

We get busier as the weeks goes along, so take a few minutes to do something nice for you and your marble before the next wave of busyness momentum.

Depending on how lightly colored your marble is and how much cooking and entertaining you do, you’ll want to apply a sealer once or twice a year.

How to use a penetrating sealer for best results:

    First, clean your marble countertops with a counter cleaner specially formulated for natural stone such as marble to remove any residual dirt, grease or stains.

    Use a lamb’s wool applicator or clean terry cloth towel to apply a wet, even layer of sealer to the entire surface.

    Wait five minutes for the sealer to penetrate the stone, and buff with a second clean terry towel.

Learning how to get red wine stains out of unsealed marble is much more difficult. This added layer of protection will help to repel stains and water, buying you time to wipe up spills, all while helping maintain the natural look of your marble surfaces.
Be Vigilant With Spills

While we’re not suggesting you hover anxiously around the crowd of red wine drinkers at your next party to catch spills or drips, it pays to circulate. Fresh stains are the easiest to clean, especially if your countertops are sealed.

Simply spray a daily marble counter cleaner directly on the surface and wipe with a clean cloth for a clean, streak-free shine.
Do a Spot Check Before Bed

After the last of your guests have gone home, give your countertops the once over to catch any missed spills, drips or spots. Think how happy you’ll be in the morning when you wake up to a clean shiny kitchen!

A natural stone counter cleaner that cleans, conditions and shines will is perfect for your marble. Using a 3-in-1 cleaner for marble means you can simply shake, spray and wipe away without having to grab for multiple products. For heavier soiled areas, use this type of cleaner to spray on and buff with a soft sponge to remove grime, and wipe with a clean cloth.
Uh Oh. Missed a Spot?

Looks like you missed a spot. And now you’re wondering how to get red wine stains out after they’ve had who knows how long to set. A spot removal kit for natural stone is effective at removing dull spots caused by acidic liquids such as red wine, and the kit contains enough materials to work on several different areas.

The cleaning process is simple: apply the spot remover to the affected area and follow a few easy steps to restore your marble to its original finish.

*Note that this kit is intended for use on polished marble surfaces only.

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