In-House VS Outsourced Cleaning Services?

Every business, no matter what size and industry, must always ensure that their workplace is clean and presentable. This is not only to maintain a professional image, but also to keep employees healthy and productive.

Admittedly, though, due to the various challenges that businesses face on a daily basis – from reaching sales quota to motivating uninspired staff – cleanliness in the workplace often falls behind the priorities of office managers. Some may rely on their staff to keep things tidy and organized through in-house cleaning, whilst others may outsource this task to a commercial cleaning company. However, not everyone may put careful consideration into the potential benefits or consequences of any of these arrangements.

Thus, to help you find out which type of cleaning service is most suitable for your business or determine whether your current cleaning service is truly a smart choice, we highlight here the features and differences of in-house and outsourced cleaning services.

In-house Cleaning Service-

As the name suggests, in-house cleaning refers to the management and maintenance of a space or a building performed by a company’s dedicated cleaning staff. Traditionally, companies employ an in-house cleaning staff to handle all the cleaning tasks. But as the costs of maintaining an in-house cleaning crew increased, more and more companies have leaned towards outsourcing their cleaning duties. Nevertheless, there are still a number of organizations today who’ve retained this service because of its various benefits, such as the following:

    Security – Most companies that use a dedicated cleaning service often choose this option primarily because of security. They want to ensure that every person who goes in and out of the building or have access to various assets in the office is reliable and does not pose security threats of any form, be it theft, robbery or violence.

      Flexibility – Another advantage of getting an in-house cleaning staff is that they are flexible and able to address certain issues immediately. Whether there are spilt food and drinks or workstations that need cleaning, an in-house crew can respond and be called in any time.

    Experience/Knowledge – If your cleaning crew have been providing services for a long time, chances are they’re already very well-acquainted with every nook and cranny of your office or building. This inside knowledge will come in handy especially when the building requires maintenance or repair jobs as they can easily guide tradesmen in identifying which areas are problematic or not.

Outsourced Cleaning Service

Outsourcing cleaning services, on the other hand, refers to the process of hiring a third party to get an organisation’s cleaning needs done. This option has become increasingly popular today because of its convenience and cost-savings. Most commercial cleaning companies also don’t only offer office cleaning but include construction, retail and strata cleaning and maintenance. There are several reasons why businesses prefer to outsource their cleaning service, here are only some of them:


    Cost-effective – When you have an in-house cleaning staff, all the necessary expenses – from the purchase of cleaning equipment to workers’ compensation and other overhead costs – will be shouldered by your company. These costs can climb up quickly and significantly affect your bottom-line. But if you choose to outsource your cleaning, you can eliminate and cut costs since all these will be covered by the vendor. You can also scale the amount and frequency of cleaning to suit your budget.

    Quality of Services – Since cleaning specialists are professionally trained and have high quality cleaning equipment and products, companies can be assured that they will be getting only quality services. This gives office managers peace of mind, knowing that their workplace are always kept clean and properly sanitised.

    Flexibility – Cleaning service contractors will also be able to respond to your needs with just one phone call. They can send in their personnel whenever you need them, and any attendance-related issues would no longer be on your desk since the contractor would handle all the administration and supervision tasks.

The Verdict

In-house and outsourced cleaning services both have their own benefits. But the trick to choosing the best service is by simply understanding your company’s requirements and measuring them up to what these services can offer. If your organisation puts more importance into the security and valuable inside knowledge that can be had with in-house cleaning, then it may be the best choice for you. But if your company values the flexibility, professional services and cost-savings that can be enjoyed with outsourced cleaning service, then it would make much more sense to choose the latter.

By: Debra Wright

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